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The Kodály Ensemble

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Our History

                     he Kodály Ensemble initially  
                     was established as a men's
                     choir by George Zadubán in 1960. The original membership mainly consisted of émigrés from the 1956 revolution. Eventually, a women's choir, as well as the Folkdance Ensemble was created. 
       In the 60's and 70's the dance group performed folklore ballet works based on the choreography of Miklós Rábai. Under the artistic direction of Kálmán Dreisziger, the ensemble was guided to a new and exciting path - focusing the attention of young people on the traditional values of the Carpathian basin.


       Starting from the 1990's the ensemble continued its work based on the "dance house" movement under Gábor and Andrea Dobi's artistic direction and has had the pleasure of working with renowned dance masters and instructors from Hungary, Transylvania and Slovakia.
       Presently, the Kodály Ensemble's enduring artistic legacy is lead by Erika Hild, with the continued goal to study, present, and preserve the legacy of authentic Hungarian peasant dances, songs and traditions from the Carpathian basin. Through participation in the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor program, the Ensemble is able to work with various instructors from Hungary.      

Classes We Offer


SK-Gr. 2


Grades 3 - 5


Grades 6 – 9


Older Adults


Gr. 10 - Adults

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